Les larmes d'Alexandra

( The tears of Alexandra )

An elegant vintage in IGP OC available in 2 white grape varieties and a blended red created to mark the election of Miss Languedoc 2005, Alexandra Rosenfeld, who is from Saint Thibéry. She was crowned Miss France and Miss Europe the following year...a vintage in honour of “our” Miss France.


Les fleurs de Montblanc

( The flowers of Montblanc )

Perfumes, colours, finesse, rustic simplicity…a whole range of characteristics shared by flowers and grape varieties. From this basic premise was born in 2003 this vintage which today has become our principal brand. Thoroughly modern and liberated, it is available in 7 versions, 2 whites, 2 rosés and 3 reds in IGP OC.


Larmes d'Alexandra
A high quality white wine remarkable for the delicacy of its floral notes and its developed fruitiness.

Muscat Sec

Larmes d'Alexandra
An original dry white wine with a musky flavor. It derives its great aromatic characteristics called “muscate” from a substance found naturally in this small-grain muscat.


Fleurs de Montblanc
A grape variety with high qualitative potential, for an ample, balanced and powerful white wine with complex aromas.


Fleurs de Montblanc
A dry and aromatic white wine with good acidity, plant-rich characteristics and the fruitiness of boxwood and citrus.


Fleurs de Montblanc
A pale rosé wine that combines finesse and suppleness.


Fleurs de Montblanc
A very fruity rosé wine with brilliance and elegance in fushia.


Larmes d'Alexandra
A blend of two red grape varieties, Merlot and Cabernet. Aged in vats containing French and American oak shavings for several months. This blend of powerful varieties and subtle woodiness gives this wine suppleness, length and great elegance.


Fleur de Montblanc
A popular grape variety for its characteristic aromas which give a fine red wine, fruity, ample and structured.


Fleurs de Montblanc
A rustic, powerful red wine with an intense nose.


Fleurs de Montblanc
An aromatic red wine well-balanced and robust with complex notes of red berries and spices.